Pro Racing Simulators – The Masters of Racing Simulation

Founded in 2012 with the aim of supplying full turnkey motion simulation packages to corporate and private clients. We have grown to provide a range of simulation systems catering to a host of uses ranging from entertainment to high-reliable driver development.

Equipped with a team of superbly skilled designers and engineers, our aim is to create the perfect experience for every user.

Here’s a list along with some details about the products we offer.


GT Static Pro is a brilliantly designed product both for home entertainment along with circuit acclimatisation and driving technique development. With GT Style Chassis and a Carbon fiber steering wheel, it is a racer’s dream. There is a fully adjustable brake box as well and you get to experience everything on a curved 5.5″ 4K Ultra HD Display.

The Clubsport Force Feedback Steering System works great while the adjustable Pedal box with Load Cell Brake makes braking easier. You would love the 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound that is sure to enhance the overall experience.


Formula Pro Static is the ultimate simulation experience. With this you can race any track from around the world in any car. This one has a Formula one Style Monocoque along with Triple LG Digital Monitors.

The Carbon Fiber force feedback steering wheel and the adjustable pedal box with load cell brake. The tactile feedback system helps your experience be as real as possible.


GT Pro Simulator contains world-class leading controls and motion technology which makes it perfect for your driver training.

You have everything from a professional 3DOF or 6DOF Motion System to a curved 55″ 4K Ultra HD Display. There is also a direct drive force feedback steering system along with 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound.


Formula Pro Motion is the best and definitive simulator designed for commercial use. Get in the drivers seat of the most thrilling racing car in the world. The professional Heave, Pitch and Roll Motion System ensures that you have a real experience while the full size Formula One Style Monocoque gives you an authentic Formula One experience.

There is also a curved 55″ 4K Ultra HD Display along with a Carbon Fiber Force Feedback Steering Wheel and an adjustable Pedal box with load cell brake.


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